New Diwali Premium Wishing Script Free 2020

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Today we are going to learn, how to create a Diwali wishing script website. For those who don't know that what is a wishing script website is, Read Below.

Wishing Script Website is like a greeting card, it just not physical. It's on the website, And we can share its link, through social media platforms and can wish 100s of people's at once.
You can also earn from, wishing scripts. Add your ads on the wishing script... And make Wishing Script Website viral.. from that you can earn 100$ in a month if it's getting viral.

So, today we are going to learn how to create a Diwali Premium Wishing Script for earning and wishing also 😅...So, we are going to make it. , Wishing script website on Blogger and with Blogger subdomain...

For that, u need 2 things...
  • Blank template (Download Link Is Given Below)
  • Diwali Premium Wishing Script (Download Link Is Given Below)
Now we have everything to start...
Let do it. Please Follow All Steps Carefully:
  • Step 1: Go To Blogger
  • Step 2: Create a New Blog

  • Step 3: Choose your title related to your topic, (so for now we are going to create a Diwali script, So we will select a title that relates to Diwali..) then Click Next.

  • Step 4: Now we are going to select a Sub-Domain, (related to our topic). Click on the Save.

(Now your website is almost ready)
(Easy part is over. Now comes the hard part.)

  • Step 5: Download the Blank Template (Download link Given Below) and then go to "Theme".
  • Step 6: Then Click on the Arrow Button (Right side of the "CUSTOMISE" Button )

  • Step 7: Then Find and Click on the "Edit HTML".

  • Step 8: Now you can see Coding, Select All And Delete or Remove.

  • Step 9: Now Open Blank Template File, And Select All the codes Inside it...

  • Step 10: And then Paste it in the Blogger edit HTML page... And Save...

  • Step 11: Now go back and refresh the page. (It's Important)
  • Step 12: After Refresh clicks on the Arrow Button again, You will Find "Mobile Settings" Click on it.

  • Step 13: Click on Desktop And save...

  • Step 14: Now again Click on the Arrow Button and then, Click on "Switch to first-generation Classic theme" then click "Switch without a backup" If u don't want to create a backup.

  • Step 15: Then you will see "Edit HTML" Button, Click on it...

  • Step 16: A new page appears with full of codings, Select all Codings and Delete or remove it,

  • Step 17: Now download the Diwali Premium Wishing Script, Open it. Select All the Coding inside it Copy all and paste it into an edit HTML page, and then save...

  • Step 18: Now the last part! Got Arrow button and then click on " Change NavBar" And then Choose "Off" and then Save...

All done! 😎

Your Diwali wishing script website is ready to go viral and earn, Now u just have to Replace the Ad codes.

Type & Find "a-a" And replace the whole line with your ad link ...

Ready to go, Now go back to Blogger Dashboard (Home Page) And then click on "View Blog".

Now you can see your hard word, Earn & Enjoy! Congratulations! Your Website is live now. Now Start Sharing And Earning.

Download Links:↴
Blank Template - Download
Diwali Premium Wishing Script - Download
All The Best 👍!
Full Youtube Tutorial Video