What Is Hosting And Domain

What Is Hosting And Domain, What are Hosting And Domain, What Is web Hosting And Domain

Hello guys, welcome to InfinityBlogger, today we are going to learn that what is hosting and domain. If you want to create your own website you must have to know about hosting and domain.

What Is Hosting And Domain?

Hosting and domain are the most important things for creating a website, without hosting and domain you can't create a website.
So let's understand the role of hosting and domain in simple language.
Let's imagine hosting is a place, where you can create or design your website and after that, you published on the internet, But there are trillions of website out there, then how a user will find your website on the internet. That's why we need a domain, the domain is the address of your website, with the help of a domain, users can easily find your website on the internet. As an example let's imagine that you bought a plot (land), so in this case, the plot is your hosting where you can build your own house (here I am referencing websites as a house) and the address of that house is the domain where people can find you, interact with you and enjoy services provided by you. So this is the simplest explanation of what is hosting and domain.

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In Brief :

So let's go further and explain hosting in brief.
I have said before that hosting is like a plot so if you want to build your own house or I say your website, for that you first have to buy a plot (in our case hosting is our plot) to create a website.

So there are two types of hosting available,
  1. Free Hosting
  2. Paid Hosting

1. Example of Free Hosting Lifetime :

2. Example of Paid Hosting :

Free Hosting And Paid Hosting

Let me explain the difference between free hosting and paid Hosting.
First, let's talk about Free Hosting.

The pros of free hosting.

If you are new or just started a website or just exploring how websites works and how to create them, or only for learning and experiment purposes, then free hosting is the best hosting service for you to use.
Many free hosting companies give you unlimited database and storage, so there will be no limitation for your experiments and that's a good thing.

The Cons Of Free Hostings.

Now let's talk about the cons of free hostings. When we heard about free hosting, then the 1st question that comes in our mind is why they gave us free hosting and the answer is simple, they show lots of ads and maybe it's possible that they can sell your private information so to other companies.... (Many hosting services are doing it)
That's why I don't prefer to go with free hosting services and I also don't suggest anyone go with free hosting services until you are new or just using Hosting for your website experiments.
If you can't afford costly hosting services then you can go with the cheapest hosting services ex. Flyhost.in

Now About Paid Hosting.

The pros of paid hosting.

if you are a professional blogger then I suggest you create your website on paid hosting, its because in paid hosting you get every type of security to protect from hacking or crashing. they also create backups of your websites if, how every your website is crashed then you can get your backup and restore your website easily. If you want to buy hosting now you can buy from these sites. Hostinger.in, GoDaddy.in. There are many hosting companies are out there, but these two are most trustable and gives you the best experience of websites.

The Cons Of paid Hostings.

In my view the first con of paid hosting that it's so costly. In paid hosting, you get everything in the limit, or you have to pay for everything like you have to pay for SSL,  In paid hosting, there is only one con in my view and that is, you have to pay for every little thing and its so limited.

Now let's talk about Domains...

I already told you that what domain is.
But once again, Domain is the address of your website.
In another word, it's the address of your plot, without it no one can reach you.
That's why it's really important.

There are 2 types of Domains.

1. Domain itself...

Ex. Yourdomain.com, yourdomain.in, yourdomain.net, yourdomain.org.
In this .in, .com, .net are called domains, domains are also known as extensions...
If you want to make a professional website like e-commerce or like any other official website, then you must have to choose a premium look Domains.

2. Sub-domains

Ex. Myname.yourdomain.com , iam.yourdomain.in , abcd.yourdomain.net , 1234.yourdomain.org.
In this myname, Iam, abcd, 1234 are the SubDomains, which are created from your domain itself.
So if you have a domain, then you can also create as many domains as you want...
Let's see in this way, let's imagine you build a house with 6 rooms, the. The address of your house is your domain, and the address of your room is the SubDomains..
Many hosting companies provide you free sub-domains for a start-up.
In blogger, you also get free SubDomains for a startup.

Hope You Guys Understand All, That What is Hosting and Domain, And What Are Its Importance.
So, Guys, That's It for today...
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