New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp || Top 3 Alternative of WhatsApp

New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp || Top 3 Alternative of WhatsApp, Alternative of WhatsApp

Hello, guys welcome to infinity blogger today we are going to talk about some controversial topics, today we are going to talk about WhatsApp's new privacy policy.

About WhatsApp?

I think 99% of people already know, that what is WhatsApp. But I am going to explain anyway, WhatsApp is an application for Android devices, WhatsApp is launched on 3rd May of 2009, but in India, WhatsApp cost in November 2009. WhatsApp was created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, they were former employees of Yahoo. Facebook about WhatsApp in 2014 in 19 billion dollars.

New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp

There are many misunderstanding about WhatsApp new privacy policy, many people think that WhatsApp is going to share your data and your messages chat with Facebook after this privacy policy, but it's not true WhatsApp already mentioned that WhatsApp is an end to end encrypted service, it means that your private messages which you share with your friends family and loved ones are safe and Secure no one is going to read or see your private messages and media. But that's not it, WhatsApp is really going to share some private information on Facebook. As I mentioned all details below that what information WhatsApp is going to share with Facebook,
Here is everything WhatsApp shares with Facebook now:
  • Mobile device information like OS and on model
  • IP address
  • Coarse location
  • Language
  • Cellular data
  • Transaction and payment data
Whatsapp announces that if you do not accept this privacy policy then your WhatsApp account will be deleted permanently, the last date was given to accept privacy policy was 8 Feb, because of this new privacy policy many users switch to other chatting apps, because of this WhatsApp user count is regularly dropping so because of this WhatsApp increase the date to accept privacy policy to 15 May.

Because of this privacy policy of WhatsApp, many peoples are not satisfied with using WhatsApp because they are afraid that their privacy has been breached, that's why they want to switch to other chatting applications.


That's why I bring you the top 3 alternatives of WhatsApp.

1. Signal private messenger:

Many peoples are thinking that the signal private Messenger app is newly released that's why it's highlighted so much, but it's not a true signal private messenger application is launched on 25 May 2010 by Brian Acton. Signal private messenger is a non-profitable company that is co-founded by Brian Acton who was one of the founders of WhatsApp. There are many features in signal private messenger like video calling and phone calls also available so you are not going to use WhatsApp messenger. There are many more features in the signal private Messenger app and it's more secure than WhatsApp as the companies say. You must give a try to signal private Messenger App if you are really searching for an alternative to WhatsApp. A single private messenger application is available on Play Store and also available on the Apple App Store.

(I am going to mention some pros and cons of signal private Messenger App but remember these pros and cons are based on my view, it can be different for you.)


  • Available on all major platforms
  • End-To-End in encryption
  • Open-source encryption
  • Delete sent messages
  • No animated emojis
Ratings on Google Play Store
  • 4.5 out of 5 (reviews by 797k)
  • Apps size 35 MB
  • Downloads 50M+

2. Telegram

Telegram is a really famous social media platform, Telegram completed there 200 million active users this month. Telegram messenger is a really unique Messenger application because Telegram is based on cloud storage, you can use Telegram messenger as like your online Drive storage with the unlimited capacity you can upload 2GB file at once. Telegram is mostly used by YouTubers, telegram is a platform where you can earn money if you have a high amount of users in your channel or group. The cool thing of Telegram messenger that you can use 4 accounts in 1 application, you can also log in to your Telegram account in multiple devices at once and they will work perfectly. Telegram is also End-To-End encrypted, show your message and private Apps will be encrypted and no one can see them or exercise them. Telegram has many cool features that WhatsApp doesn't have like unlimited emojis and gifs, you can also create polls in telegram Telegram is also a non-profit organization. In Telegram, you can create bots to do your simple works. Telegram application is also available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based storage service
  • Unlimited storage
  • Open-source software
  • Animated emojis
  • You can create bots
  • Many more
  • Encrypted is not by default and need to be manually turn on
Ratings on Google Play Store
  • 4.5 out of 5 (reviews by 6M)
  • App size 24MB
  • Downloads 500M+

3. Threema

Threema is a premium application that costs you 270Rs ($3.69) in Indian currency which is claimed to be the most secure message application ever. Threema in next level messaging application the claim to be the most secured app ever and it's because they are really serious about your privacy, Threema is also like a WhatsApp messaging application but it's more secure than WhatsApp, Threema provides you end-to-end message encryption, the best thing is end-to-end encryption is also available for voice calling file sharing group chatting and also for video calling. In Threema you can also hide a particular chat on add a password-protected lock on your particular chat. Threema is especially known for its strict privacy laws. You can also create a Threema account without a phone number, and to connect friends you can use QR codes to connect with your friends and family. Threema is available for both devices iPhone and Android.

  • Create without phone number
  • Add friends with QR code
  • End to end encryption
  • Password protected chat
  • Paid app
Ratings on Google Play Store
  • 4.6 out of 5 (reviews by 64k)
  • App size 21MB
  • Download 1M+


There are millions of chatting question are available on Google Play Store and iPhone App Store, its all depend on you that which app you are going to use for your messaging, I can only suggest you. But remember privacy very normal these days, so I highly recommend you to use only trustable apps to ensure your security and privacy. The fact is that WhatsApp is not sharing your messages and videos with other companies like Facebook, but there is some serious information that is sharing by WhatsApp to Facebook, and the conform it themselves in a Twitter tweet, You can view all tweets by going there account or by Clicking Here.