How to set and remove Jio caller tune in 2021

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Hello guys welcome infinity blogger, today we are going to learn how to remove Jio caller tune. Guys nowadays 95% of the Indian population using Jio telecom company, and they all are using Jio tunes.

What is Jio Tunes

Before we get to how to remove Jio caller tune, we should know that what is Jio tune?
As I already mention that 95% of the Indian population Jio telecom services, but only 65% of 95% population use Jio Tune, It's because 30% of the population doesn't know that what is Jio tunes or it's free or not?
Jio Caller Tunes is a subscription-based service provided by Jio Telecom company, with the subscription of Jio Caller Tune service you can set a song instead of your regular old Tring-Tring caller tune. There are millions of songs to choose from for your caller tune, instead of Tring-Tring you can play any song That's available on Jio Saavn.

How to activate Jio tunes

There are many ways to set Jio caller tunes on a smartphone, but they are time taken and confusing process, so I'm going to searching your very simple and easy process to activate Jio tunes on your smartphone, first, you just have to download Jio Saavn from Play Store after that select any music and open music player, you will find three dots on your right side, just press on it, and you will find many options to select, simply just click on set Jio tune. That's it you will get a notification SMS for it nothing much to do it's a very simple and easy process you can do this in a minute.

How To Change Jio Tunes songs

If you already have set caller tune for your smartphone, and you wish to change it for any reason or just want to change it doesn't matter the process is the same, this very easy and simple we have to just repeat the same process that we used for enabling Jio tune, you just have to open Jio Saavn and then search your favorite song and then play it, then open the player you will see three dots on your right side click on it after that you will find many options to select just select Jio tune, That's it.

How to remove Jio caller tune

Now let's get to the main topic that how to remove Jio caller tune. In case you didn't like your jio caller tune and want to do deactivate it permanently, and I want your old Tring-Tring caller tune back, then you have to remove Jio caller tune. So lets how to remove your caller tune.
There are Two simple ways to remove Jio caller tune from your number
1. SMS
2. Through MyJio app


First let's see how to remove Jio caller tune with the help of SMS, It's very simple just follow the process.
Go to your phone SMS app
Then create a new SMS
Type "stop" in message section
At the end send it to number "56789"
After that you will get a notification of deactivation confirmation.

Through MyJio app:

If you want to remove the Jio caller tune in a very simple process then I suggest you to do it through my jio app.
1st Open MyJio app.
After that select 'Jio Tunes' option from the menu.
You will find My Subscriptions page,
Then click on 'Deactivate' at the left bottom of the screen to deactivate the Jio Tunes and tap on 'Yes' on the deactivation confirmation page.
After that you will get a confirmation pop-up notification after your request is submitted successfully.


So this is the whole guidance for Jio caller tune, now it's all dependent on you that you want to start your call at your want to deactivate caller tune I leave it on you.