What is Instagram and How to Use it

What is Instagram and How to Use it, New Features of instagram,

So hello guys welcome to infinityblogger today we are going to gain some knowledge about Instagram and its new feature of reels.

What is Instagram?

So in Today's modern world, we are using so many social media to connect with our families, friends, and to our followers. So today I am writing about a famous social media platform own by the social media platform Facebook, Instagram. Ya you heard me right, Instagram is owned by Facebook, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1Billion (₹100 crores). Have you known this fact before?!. Now, let me introduce you to the founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom, and co-founder of Instagram Mike Krieger, these two are created Instagram. Instagram was launched in India on 6th October 2010.

How to Use Instagram?

Instagram is a nice and easiest social media where you can share your pictures, videos with your followers. Instagram is a really famous social media platform, that's why it used by every famous superstar, sports player, politician, and influencer, you can follow your superstars, sports players, politicians, and influencers, and the best part is you can directly message them, but surely they will not reply, You can also like and comments on there's post.

Instagram Camera!

If you are thinking that you have to download another camera app, to use Instagram Camera, Then I insure you guys that you don't have to install any other app to use the Instagram camera. Those who don't that What is an Instagram camera, then sit tight and let me explain what is the Instagram camera. In my view, the Instagram camera is the best thing in the Instagram app, in short, it's a camera, a camera with lots of preinstalled filters, and also loaded with many cool features that you will love to use. You create boomerang videos with an Instagram camera, If you don't know that what is a boomerang camera then, I will explain it to you, the Boomerang camera is a cool feature of the Instagram camera that helps you to create short loop vides of 1-2 second... It's really an interesting thing, I highly recommend you to try a boomerang camera. There are many more cool and interesting features are hidden in the Instagram camera that's why you have to find them all by yourself.

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram reels is a new highlighted feature of Instagram, You can say that it's an alternative to TikTok, But this feature is available before TikTok, but no one notice that time, because that time short videos and not famous that much, when TikTok release, peoples like to create and watch short videos, but after TikTok get ban from India because it was a Chinese app, after TikTok ban and users move to many other platforms. Like Instagram reels, Instagram reels is also a new way to make short entertaining videos and find short entertaining videos for your own entertaining purpose on Instagram reels. It a better way to make a comedy, romantic as well as dance video. You can share your short videos with your friends and families on Instagram reels. You can make 15 seconds videos on Instagram reels and edit it with multi-clip videos and filters, also you can edit your video clips with New tools and effects. You can share your video with your followers too on your Instagram feed. Instagram reels give a New way to show their talent to everyone on social media, and also peoples can express themselves. Instagram reels is the best and the easiest way to entertain peoples and your followers. If you have the talent to entertain peoples from all over the world then you can also be a famous star, and many people have already become successful reels stars...

About Instagram!

So guys now we know that what is Instagram, when it launched and when it came to India, who is the developer of Instagram, also I have written about what is Instagram reels, that what is Instagram reels, what are the functions of reels, what can we do on reels. and much more important information about Instagram. So let's know more things about Instagram like how to login on to Instagram. Guys, first you have to download the Instagram application on your smartphone and simply you have to click on login if you already have an account but if you don't have an Instagram account then let's see how to create an Instagram account.
Follow the simple steps very carefully to create an Instagram account.
  • Download the Instagram application from the play store.
  • Open Instagram, and click on Signup.
  • Then choose the Signup method through email or mobile number, Select any you go with.
  • Then click on the Next button.
  • After that select a user name from yourself, then click on next again.
  • Create a strong password, then click on next.
It's done, You Created an Instagram account congrats.


After all this process you are ready to use the Instagram app and Instagram reels videos feature... I already mentioned all the functions of Instagram. Nowadays Instagram social media is a very fast-growing and popular platform for showing your talent to the world. In 2010 the number of users of Instagram is just one million and now in 2020, the number of users of Instagram is more than one billion. So guys if you are not a part of that one billion Instagram family do hurry and be the part of one billion families and enjoy all that function of Instagram and create Instagram reels too, to become famous. Guys I have written all the information and all the features of Instagram ..so if you are interested click on Download and enjoy...