What is Spam Score? And How To Reduce Spam Score 2021

What is Spam Score? And How To Reduce Spam Score 2021,What is Spam Score? And How To Reduce Spam Score , How To Reduce Spam Score

Hello, guys welcome to infinity blogger today we are going to learn that what is spam score and how to reduce Spam score.

What is a spam score?

The spam score is a kind of digital rating meter that checks your website spam quality. Spam score plays a very important role in the SEO of our websites. You can also easily check your website is spam by searching Website SEO Checker on Google. Spam score meter is created by MOZ SEO, According to the MOZ SEO Spam score is divided into three parts ( 0-4, 5-7, 8-17 ) MOZ SEO launched spam score system in 2015, spam score is measured in percentage (%).
  • In case your domain is under 0 to 4 percentage of spam score, then it's in the green zone. That means you don't have to worry about it, you just have to keep calm and just wait until it reduces itself.
  • If your domain is under 5 to 7 percentage of spam score then it's in the yellow zone and it's not a good thing for your domain, it means that your domain is under danger zone, So from now on you really have to be careful about your domain and stop creating backlinks.
  • At last, if your domain is under 8 to 7 percentage of spam score then it's in the red zone and it's not a good thing for your domain and website, because your domain and website can be paralyzed anytime by Google or any other search engine that means your blogging career will over.

What are the losses of having a high spam score?

If your domain has a high spam score and you are wondering that's now what will happen to my domain and my website. So let's see 3 possibilities that can happen to your domain or website.
  • If your domain has a high spam score then Google can paralyze your website.
  • If your spam score increases then your website SEO will reduce.
  • If your spam score goes above 7% then it may be possible that your domain will be removed from Google and every search engine.

How spam score increase?

There are many theories on the internet that how spam score increase, everyone has a different theory that how spam score increase. But today I am going to clearing all your doubts and all misconceptions.
Mostly new users face the spam score increase problem most, It because, new users create uncountable backlinks to rank their posts on Google but the thing is, creating backlinks is not the problem.
New Bloggers create backlinks on every website they get a chance too, in that situation they make the biggest mistake, creating a backlink on spam websites. And from there, your spam score will also start increasing.

Let's see in this way, Spam is like a virus, if any other website has a high spam score and you create backlinks on that website then you will also be affected by that virus and your spam score will increase.

How to check the spam score of the website?

I am not suggesting you to stop creating backlinks for your website, I am just suggesting that if you are going to create backlinks from unknown websites then, first you should check their spam score and after that create backlinks on their websites, this will take some time but it makes safe your website.

Let's see the steps that how to check the spam score of any website.
  • First, go to the Spam Score Checker Tool.
  • After that, you will see a rectangular box, paste your domain link there.
  • That click on "I am not a robot", verify it.
  • Then click on the check button.
  • After that, a table will appear with the full information on that domain.
  • There you will see a box written "SS" which stands for spam score.
  • There you will see the percentage of spam score If it's 1% then it's normal.

How to reduce our spam score?

Till now we learn that what is spam score, how it's increasing, and how to check spam score, so now we're going to learn how to reduce your spam score.
To reduce our spam score first we have to find spam backlinks that we have created, to find those spam backlinks that we have created we have to use an SEO tool, there are many SEO tools that can help you to find those spend backlinks, like Aherf, Moz and Semrush. with the help of these tools, you can easily find your spam backlinks.

After finding those spam links, create a list of those spam links and save them in a notepad TXT file. After that go to Google Disavow Links. Then upload your text file on the disavow tool, That's it. Now Google Disavow Links will remove all spam link that is created for your website. After some time your domain spam score will be normal.

My View

If you are new to blogging then I really suggest you create backlinks in limit and before creating every backlink you must check the spam score of that website this is highly recommended and if you are facing any other problem then you can contact us on telegram.