Computer Artificial Intelligence In 2021

Computer Artificial Intelligence In 2021, Computer Artificial Intelligence, Computer Artificial, Computer Intelligence
Computers are actually complicated machines that are invented to ease human life. They have been modified for years from old to a mini PC. In our everyday life, We use computers everywhere from our cell phones, television, online payment, etc...It all needs computer languaging.

We actually need computers in our everyday life. They are helpful not only to retain our data but also adjust themselves according to our present conditions. For example, old LED bulbs only used to provide light with no change in their light-giving capacity but now a modern smart bulb changes their light-giving capacity with the present circumstances. At the night, if you are reading a book then it will automatically go for dim light and in the morning it will shine brightly. Thus, it is quite efficient and costs less.


If we want to ask a question or to get some information about something we can just ask Siri /Alexa/ Google, these all are examples of weak artificial intelligence. They just answer our questions and perform simple tasks like on /off a light bulb in-home or some other stuff. Strong artificial intelligence can do much better than this they are mostly installed in robots to do multitasking like making food, clean the floor, talk with others, or just it take care of the home. The best example of a modern artificial intelligence robot is the Sophia Humanoid Robot developed by Hanson Robotics. She is the best robot to get citizenship in a country like Saudi Arabia. She can answer all your questions, talk politely and humbly and have feelings too.


Besides, Sofia there are many other humanoid robots which can be used in our daily life to help in our daily chores. Not only on daily chores these robots can replace humans in real life like the taxi driver, food renders, shopkeeper, etc...Though it will take time but we can expect it. Moreover, in difficult times we can use them in the army to protect our country's citizens these highly programmed robots will not only increase the probability of winning the war but also they will reduce the chances of losing human life.

Besides, humanoid robots these computers help us in many ways. The basic thing which computers provide us is that they can store a lot of data or information without any error. Being a human we cannot remember all things but a computer can do this easily for us. In addition to this, the foremost thing which they provide us is that they connect us with the internet where we can connect with various people all over the world. Computers help us to connect it with our family and friends. When we are far from them and missing them we can just click and do a video call and talk to them face to face. Also, they help us to improve our knowledge if we are lacking in any subject in our school or college then we can do an online course or watch some informational videos which can help us to improve it. It can also increase our chances for employment as in this modern world with an increasing use of computers and laptops. Many companies want their employees to know computer managing. Beyond this, it also saves our time. We need not to go to the theatre and watch a movie, we can just see that in our home through mobile phones. Also, we need not to buy something by going outside like clothes and household things we can just buy it online.


There are many disadvantages of computers like if you store any private information in your computer then there are chances that people can access your data without your permission and give it to other people. Nowadays, that are selling is a major threat major sites get information from the user and sell it to others by which there are a lot of money. Not only this it can decrease your efficient and productive time and people give their useful and productive time to their computers to play games watch videos on anything and lose their efficient time. 

There is a lot of the time only which they would have applied for any productive work also it can cause many headaches and muscles pain. If you are constantly watching your computers for a very long time it will cause a headache to the person who sticks to their computers. So, people should take a short break, drink some water, go for a small walk and relax, as they are humans, not a robot.