Top 5 Premium Blogger Templates Free || No Footer Credits & No Encrypted Scripts

Top 5 Premium Blogger Templates Free , No Footer Credits & No Encrypted Scripts , Top 5 Premium Blogger Templates Free With No Footer Credits

Hello, guys welcome to infinity blogger today we are going to see the top 5 premium blogger templates without footer credit.
Many of you know that if you download a premium blogger template from any website, then they give you a premium blogger template with footer credit which you can't remove, so when you apply this blogger template on your website, other users can also see the footer credit of the website from you downloaded the theme, and it's not looking great.

what is a footer credit?

If you don't know that what is the footer credit then it's really common many bloggers don't know that how to remove footer credit or what is a footer credit, you can say that footer credit is like a stamp of the owner. In some premium blogger templates, you can remove footer credit, but from others, you can't.

Disadvantages of footer credit

Because of this footer credit your website will not premium, the footer will always take the attention of your users, that why there is another website link on your website footer. Because of this users will not trust your website and in my view, hotel credit is really a bad thing if you are creating a news website or any other premium website.

Advantages of footer credit

If you created your own footer credit then there is an advantage of your ownership that users will know that this website is registered with you. But when you have footer credit of any other website on your website then it's not an advantage for you.


I bring you the top 5 premium blogger template without any footer credit or any encrypted JavaScript so you can use this blog attempted as your own footer credit. These blogger templates are premium blogger templates. You can easily change protocol edit and meet your own footer credit and you can easily customize his premium blogger template, these are the top 5 premium blogger templates that e are fully customizable fast loading, SEO friendly and mobile-friendly

I really struggle hard to find this premium blogger template which is fast loading only mobile friendly and premium looking blogger templates. So just download it and enjoy.
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So let's explore the top 5 premium blogger templates without footer credit and No Encrypted Scripts.

1. Seo Rocket Blogger Template

Like its name, SEO Rocket is a premium blogger template, which is best for Website SEO. if you want to increase your website SEO the SEO Rocket is the best blogger template for you... Seo Rocket is also a very light and fast loading blogger template. SEO Rocket is a Premium Blogger Template.

2. Smag Blogger Template

Smag is a premium blogger template, you can use this blogger template for a multi-niche website. Smag blogger template comes with two menu bars, which makes it's for premium. Smag is a Premium Blogger Template.

3. MINIBOX Blogger Template

Minibox is the latest blogger template, with a premium look. Minibox premium blogger template is designed for multi-niche websites. You can create your own personal blog with this blogger template or news websites... its all on you... like others, Minibox is also a Premium blogger template.

4. Anime Blogger Template

Like its name, Amine Blogger Template is specially designed for anime websites... You can create an anime movie website or just an anime movie review website. If you want then you can also use an anime blogger template for any other niche website.. Anime is a Premium Blogger Template.

5. Masy Blogger Template

Masy is a new blogger template. Masy is a fast and mobile-friendly blogger template, Masy is also a fast loading blogger template... Masy is a premium Blogger template, You can use Masy Blogger template for multi-niche websites.

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