How To Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently in 2021 (Update)

How To Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently – 2021 Update, how to delete telegram account
Hello guys,welcome to , If you're one of the millions of people using private messaging apps, learning more about Telegram security issues, and finally you are searching how to permanently delete your telegram account if you don't like the telegram security issues.

Telegram Privacy Policy

Privacy concerns about the private messaging apps, Telegram surfaced long after it was launched in 2013. The normal configuration of a device does not include encrypt communication between the user and the recipient. If you don’t enable the Secret Chat feature in the telegram then your conversations will be stored on Telegram servers available worldwide.

End-To-End Encryption

According to Telegram, the recorded chat data are encrypted on their server and that information is saved, in case if you want to restore the old conversation. However, this raises questions about why data storage and why there is not an option, or why end-to-end encryption is not a common configuration. Data storage is an expensive non-profit corporate task, so why do they do it?

Telegram Protection

In addition, there have been some issues with Telegram protection in the past. In 2017, Hackers allowed the telegram software Unicode bug to install remote control that remotely manages cryptocurrency miners and malware on vulnerable Windows computers.

Telegram's Security

There are still concerns about Telegram's security, and many encryption experts are wondering why Telegram uses a home-grown cryptography protocol called MTProto. Telegram claims that encryption software is secure, but with easily accessible protocols to show to be effective by independent experts. Why do they have their own?

With a high-level of encryption, this homegrown protocol actually contributed to a rather shady Telegram reputation. Terrorists used to plan attacks and spread lies, including cutting off cooperation.

Telegram Banned

The telegram was banned in some countries, and closely monitored in others, and was slightly telegram was removed from the app store in early 2018 when the sharing of inappropriate content was discovered.

If you're worried about unusual encryption protocols and policies, and the bad reputation of the telegram, then this article will show you how to permanently delete Telegram.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account

There are different ways to delete your Telegram account. You should be aware in advance that once your account is deleted, it can't be recover. Your conversations, contacts, groups, etc everything will be permanently deleted. Although you can re-download Telegram later, but you can't undo what has been done. so, now let's see some different ways to delete your telegram account.

Deleting by Self-Destruction Settings

Self-destruction is part of Telegram’s security feature, as a result of which the account is deleted after a certain period of inactivity. The usual self-destruction period is six months of inactivity, but you can shorten it as follows:
1. Log in to your telegram account on your android or ios device then go to "Settings".
2. After that Click on the "Privacy and Security" button.
3. Go to “Delete my account" then "If away for” and change it to 1 month.

4. If you do not use Telegram, after a month your account will be deleted along with all your conversations and contacts.

Fixing self-destructive parameters gives you the ability to change your mind during times of inactivity. Just use the app to chat and the self-destructive time will be reset. If you don’t want to wait and want to delete your telegram account immediately then read down.

Manually Delete Telegram

The Telegram app does not have a "delete account" option. This must be done through a web browser on your mobile device or computer. Follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Telegram Deactivation page and enter your phone number which is connected with your telegram account with the country code (ex: +91 For India).
2. You will be asked to add a confirmation code sent to your mobile phone number.
3. Before clicking the "Finish" button, you can specify the reason to leave the next page, if desired.
4. After that a popup window will appear to ask, "Are you sure?", then click "Yes, delete my account".
5. Now your telegram account has been deleted and if you want you can remove the app from your device.

If you change your mind, and again want to use the telegram app then, after few days you can create a new Telegram account with the same number.

Exporting Telegram Data

You may want to export your telegram data such as conversations, photos, and other media before deleting the telegram. To download your telegram data in JSON or HTML format, you need the latest version of Telegram Desktop. Steps to Export data:

1. Open the Telegram desktop and then go to "Settings".
2. Select the "Export Telegram Data" option.
3. Then click on “Export Chat History” and select the type of data you want to export.
4. Now you can view the telegram backup data offline.