How to Increase your Organic Traffic on Blogger and Wordpress Site

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Hello guys welcome to today we are going to learn that how to increase your organic traffic in your Blogger Website.

Why we need organic traffic ?

If you are thinking that why we need organic traffic on our website when we can use referral traffic to increase our website traffic. we can't use referral traffic because Google do not support referral traffic, referral traffic is like a spam for Google.

Referral traffic in AdSense?

What will happen when you send a referral traffic to your adsence approved websites. if you have already approved in adsence and your website is showing ads of Google AdSense and you want to earn more so you try to send referral traffic to your AdSense approve website. The result of this referral traffic may give you some extra dollars, but after two or three days your website will get a ads limit notification. Google will limit your ads on your website. Believe this is the worst part of adsense, because we have to remove ads limit you have to regularly post on your website without any income from AdSense your website will show only one or two ads or no ads and with this you will earn nothing from it.
So I highly recommend you to do not use referral traffic it will give you nothing but ads limit.

How to get organic traffic in our website?

Organic traffic are really important to our websites because without organic traffic our website will die in a month, without organic traffic your post will never rise in the Google search engine and you can't earn from it. Getting organic traffic is not really hard thing but to get organic traffic you have to work hard.

Three ways to get organic traffic

So now let's see 3 ways to get organic traffic.

1. By Writing SEO Friendly Post.

This is the Hard way to get organic traffic but it's worked for all the time and it is permanent. If your post will rank in the Google search engine then you will get organic traffic for long time. show the first question comes in our mind get how to rank our post in Google search engine, in a way I can say that it's very easy and simple, let's see that why I am saying that, it's because to rank in Google search engine you just have to write the post which are peoples searching on the Google, so how we know that what peoples are searching on the Google. there is two ways to find that what peoples are searching on the Google the first one is Ahrefs which is paid and second one is free which is Google Keyword Planner.

Ahrefs : Ahrefs is a paid subscription from where you can control the activity of your website and with the help of Ahrefs you can find recently searched keywords on Google search engine.

Google Keyword Planner : Google keyword planner is a free service provided by Google, with the help of Google keyword planner you can only find recently searched keyword on Google and sometime it's not perfect because it's a free service.

So at the end you can find recently searched keyword on Google search engine with the help of this tools. After finding keywords, you just have to write a article on that keyword , try to write a long articles as long as possible so you can cover more and more keywords related with the searched keywords. After completing your article just post it and just give it 2 or 3 days to rank in the Google search engine..

2. Google question hub.

In my view this is the best ways to gain organic traffic from Google, because Google will also help you to increase your organic traffic by referring your poster or article to the users who are searching for that keywords that you write about.. so now let's see how to use Google question hub to increase organic traffic. First search google question hub on Google, then click on the first link that appear with the name of Google question hub, click on that link and go to Google question hub then login and create a account on Google question hub, now add any keyword like how to or blogging , after that click on add questions, then some questions will appear that has been searched on Google search engine. Now select any one question from it and write a article on that topic, then click on the question there will be two options appear, first one is answer and the second one is dismissed, if you want to remove that question from your Google question hub have then click on this dismissed , but for now we have to click on enter button after that a pop up notification will appear ask you to enter the link of the post you have written. After submitting your article Google will send you organic traffic on that post.

3. Referral traffic with short link.

So now we are going to learn that how to use referral traffic with short links, Now let's imagine your website name is and you want to share your website link and I want to gain some traffic, so how we do it, it's very simple just go to Google and search your domain, first ensure that your website comes top on the search list, after that copy the URL link of Google search from top of your browser and then short the link of your URL, you can use to sort your link. Now you can share your short link of your website if anyone clicks on that link it will directly open Google search list of your website, from that your website will gain organic traffic this is not permanent, but it's a simple and easy way to to increase your organic traffic by sharing your referral link with short link.


So guys these are three ways to increase your organic traffic. with the help of these three ways you can increase your blogger or wordpress site traffic in an organic way. I am highly recommending you all that please do not try to get referral traffic because referral traffic will give you profit for a limited period, after that you can get ads limits on your AdSense account or if you don't have an AdSense account then your website will not index fast.
Hope you like our article.