Top 5 Movies And Series Downloading websites in 2021

Top 5 Movies And Series Downloading websites in 2021,MoviesVerse,RareToonsIndia,9xmovies,MoviesRush,Moviessquad,

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So today we're going to talk about the top 5 websites from you can download movies, I know this is completely out of the blogging scale, but I think we should try some different things also apart from blogging.

But let's think that it's also good for your blogger because I am talking about top 5 movie websites from you can also take content for your movie website if you create your own movie website then you need contents for your website like latest movies, latest episodes everything you need to upload on your own movie website.

We all know that publishing a movie on your blog is illegal but many of you already have created and many of you are thinking to create your own their own website. Publishing movies on your own website is really a big crime in India. If you do the same then you can also get into some serious problems. There are many movie website owners that are already arrested for uploading movies in an illegal way and some of them are still in jail.

Pirating movies on the website is really a big crime and the government is very serious about it they are not ready to tolerate any kind of illegal activity on the internet that's why they created sticks laws for it. There is a blogger known as Tamil rockers who owned a movie website and the pirated every movie that are newly released, his website was deleted many times from google, but after that he suddenly created a new website every time. Every time the government deleted his website, and every time he created in a new website. Cyber police was really irritated from them so that took a strict action against them, they are arrested the whole team of TamilRockers, and send them to prison, and they are also have been fined of 5 lacks as a penalty for movie producers.

After reading all this you doesn't change your mind and still want to create a movie website, then here are some tips for you.
Don't add your website to Google Console
Don't add your website to Google Analytics
And if you are going to create a telegram channel then keep your group private don't make it public group, but you still want to make it public then I suggest you let it be public for some time but after that don't forget to make it private group. So these are some important information and tricks to be safe on google.

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So let start the topic we are going to see top 5 websites from where you can download latest and new release movies and TV shows.

Top 5 website for downloading movies

1. MoviesVerse

MoviesVerse a really old website I know this website from one year ago, and I also downloaded many movies from this website the best part of this website is there are no ads, you will see ads only when you download the movie. Movie words is an all-in-one pack because it provides movies, games and many more things, by the way you can also download adults movies from this website. So if you don't want irritating ads when you are downloading movies then I suggest you to go with the MoviesVerse.

2. RareToonsIndia

RareToonsIndia, is it different kind of movie website, actually RareToonsIndia in an Indian website as you can see in the name, but the unique thing is that rare toons India only published Toons and Cartoons movies and episodes, and the best thing is if you want to create your own movie website then I suggest you to go with cartoons and tools website is it has really low chances of getting banned or getting deleted from Google. And if you are a big fan of old cartoons that are closed showing on TV then this is the best place for you.

3. 9xmovies

9xmovies is a really pure Indian website, I am saying this because of their collection they have every Indian culture movies available on their website full pack Indian website it has Maharashtra movie, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Karnataka movies, South Indian movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, adult movies, cartoons, everything you need is at one place. I already used 9xmovies many times, they have really a big variety of movies. You will not be bored I can assure you that.

4. MoviesRush

MoviesRush is a new website for me, I recently found this website when I was searching for old movie, I must say MoviesRush has a big collection of movies. They also keep their website regular updated so that viewers can enjoy regularly. I recently found this website on Google, so I can't say that this website is new or old, but it doesn't matter until they provide us the latest movies and TV shows. MoviesRush also provide animated movies and adult movies also nowadays every movie website adult section, so I can't say anything about that.

5. Moviessquad

Last but not the least Moviessquad is also ranked in top 5 best movie downloading website. I must say Moviessquad has a really fast server that gives you really a good experience when you start your download. Moviessquad has a very large collection of movies which start from 1977 to 2021, this is a very large collections of movies, so I suggest you must try this website at least give a visit, may you like something. They also upload their movies on Telegram, so you can also download from there if you don't want to visit on the website.


So we have seen top 5 website for downloading movies, you can also use this website for your own movie website for contents, if you ask which one is of my favorite then I said say no. 1 MoviesVerse, if you're going to ask me why then it's because they don't so irritating ads, you can also get download link very easily without any pop up ads and their service are really fast.
At the end I leave it to you that which one you want to choose for your own movie blog or for your own entertainment.