What is Pdisk and How to earn money from Pdisk ?

What is Pdisk and How to earn money from Pdisk ?

Hello, welcome to infinity blogger today we are going to learn that to earn money from Pdisk.
So those how to don't know that what is Pdisk, then just sit tight and let explain...

What is Pdisk?

The first question is that what is Pdisk, so let you explain. Pdisk is an online video streaming platform.. You can upload any movies and series on Pdisk and stream them anywhere...

Storage of Pdisk?

The best thing about Pdisk that I like most that Pdisk gives you unlimited storage for videos..
So now you can store 100 - 1000 of videos without thinking of storage.

How to create an account on Pdisk?

Creating an account on Pdisk is a very simple and easy process you just have to follow the given below instruction to create an account on pdisk.


  • Click here Pdisk
  • Then a popup notification will appear
  • After that click on "Start Earning"
  • It will redirect you to Sign up Form
  • Fill in your information and click on "Sign Up"
Congratulations you just successfully created your Pdisk account..

How to stream from Pdisk?

I already mentioned that you can stream through Pdisk, so now let's see how to stream Through Pdisk. First of all, Pdisk is not a live streaming platform, Pdisk can only stream those video which you have a store in your Pdisk account.

So now let's see how to Stream through Pdisk, Streaming from pdisk is a very simple and easy process, it's just like YouTube.


  • First, go to Pdisk
  • Then click on three-line
  • Then click on "User Panel"
  • Click on "Upload Video"
  • You will get four options in upload video
  • Now we are going to upload video from our device, so we select "File Upload"
  • Then click on "Choose" And select your file
  • Then Give a title to file (Name)
  • After this give a description (it's not necessary)
  • At the end click on "Upload"
  • And your file is successfully uploaded.
  • After uploading, you will redirect to the Pdisk home page...
  • Here you can see your uploaded video.
  • Don't forget to refresh your page.
  • After that click on "Copy Share Link"
Now you can share your video anywhere you want with this link...

How to earn money from Pdisk?

So now we are going to see that how to earn money from Pdisk, earning money from Pdisk is a very simple and easy process you can easily earn 1$ or 2$ dollar per day from Pdisk by just working for 30 minutes a day.

Now let's see how to earn from Pdisk, to earn from Pdisk you have to create a movie Website or a movie telegram channel, and upload movies and share the link of the movie from Pdisk to your telegram channel or to your website.
And whenever viewers click on that link they will redirect to Pdisk and can easily watch movies and for every click, you will get Money...

What is the eCPM of Pdisk?

eCPM of Pdisk is not fixed, the eCPM of Pdisk is always changing, the highest eCPM goes to 1.5 Dollars for 1000 clicks and the lowest is 0.84 dollars.


Hye Guy Hope you all understand what is Pdisk and how to earn money from Pdisk.