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Median UI 1.7 template is the famous blogger template by Jagodesain. Median UI V1.7 Blogger Template is the updated version of the previous Median ui 1.6 template and in this new design, we have the latest UI dashboard concept. We recommended this Median ui 1.7 blogger template used on the blogger website. Designs that are simpler but have a high level of readability are the plus points of this template.

Median Ui 1.7 Blogger Template

Median UI 1.7 is one of the best SEO-friendly, highly optimized, AdSense-friendly, clean, most advanced with unique features, and superfast Blogger templates of the current time. The dashboard UI design on the Median UI Blogger Template is soo impressive and amazing that everyone gonna love it.

The menu's appearance is also made different from other templates, we carry the concept of 3 columns in this theme where the first column is devoted to navigation menus which can minimize the navigation width. At first glance, this template looks like a web app that makes your blog look different from other blogs. This concept is also used by large websites such as Google Adsense, Google Drive, etc.

Median UI is designed with a dashboard UI concept, this template is more recommended to be used on news blogs, a simpler design but high readability is a plus point in this template. The menu display is also made different from other templates, carrying 3 column concept where the first column is devoted to the navigation menu which can be minimized. In addition to fixes and changes to the appearance of the template, in this update, you also added several new features that might be useful for your blog.

Notification Header

Please activate this feature via the Blogger layout, a new blog will appear at the top of the Header which contains text notifications to readers that can be collapsed. You can put text ads here, we can also add a link button that you can activate easily.

Simpler Navigation Menu

We realize that not everyone understands HTML, therefore we provide an alternative navigation menu that can be edited directly through the Blogger layout. The only drawback of this menu is that the icons are limited and cannot add a dropdown. In the future, we will try to experiment again to refine this widget.

Slider Widget

Now this widget has been returned with new designs in version 1.7 with easier usage.

Profile Widget pop-up

If in previous versions this widget was in the sidebar, then in this update we moved it to the header section and added a pop-up menu. The concept is the same as the Profile box on the Google platform.

Custom Post Pages

We also added 3 custom post pages which you can activate by simply using certain labels. Labels that can be used to activate this page include Full page, Sponsored, and Product.

When you use one of these labels, the appearance of the article on the home page also changes, including the Featured Post and Popular Posts widgets.

New Post Styles

Several new post styles have also been added such as Grid image, Scroll image, and others. We also rewrote all of the post-style code. Please visit this page for a complete list.

Blogger Comment Pop-ups

Now the comment pop-up feature is also present in the Median UI template with a simpler and improved appearance, you can also disable this feature easily, we have provided a guide for this.

Night Mode/Dark Mode

This Premium Blogger Template/theme Comes with Dark Mode/Night Mode feature Which is a very useful feature for the Blogger template or theme in 2023this theme comes with this feature with one click night mode or dark mode shift from the normal mode you can use this feature with just one click by using this theme/template in your blog. This Theme Supports properly dark mode with good design.

Seo Optimized

This Premium Blogger Template/theme Comes with a Seo Optimized feature This theme/template is properly SEO or search engine optimized so this theme or blogger template team will boost your organic traffic from the search engine easily for free in 2023. 

Advertisement Friendly

This Premium Blogger Template/theme Comes with Ads Or Advertisement Friendly Optimized feature This theme/template is Ads Friendly And Support All Types Of Add And Fully optimized For All Ads networks And Has an Ads Slot To Fill The Code In Theme Designer.

Responsive Design This Premium Blogger Template/theme Comes with a Responsive Design Feature This theme/template comes with a good and flexible responsive design and is easy to open on all devices with responsive width with screen ratio and loads pretty cool in devices like Android phones ios mobiles and PC computers laptops e.t.c.

Fast Loading

This Premium Blogger Template/theme Comes with Fast Loading Feature. This Theme Loads Fast And Quickly In All devices because lightweight codes and javascript are used in this theme and optimized properly to load fast.

Valid Structured Data

This Theme Comes With Good Structured Data With All The Valid and Latest Best used in this theme according to new Google updates and the policy of 2023. So this theme helps your articles to rank and index on search engines quickly.

Premium Blogger Template/Theme

This theme is a totally original theme like the original one and you can excess this theme fully free or at a cheap price for free in 2023 all the features and components of the themes are working and are easy to use with the theme designer is unlocked.

Fully Customizable

This Theme/Template Is Fully Customizable For Free Without Any Coding Knowledge From the Layout Section You Can Change The Position of all the elements in the layout section and easily use the theme designer feature to change the navbar or browser bar color or to change other features.

Font Awesome

This Theme/template comes with the latest fonts and awesome features and that helps them to load fast and quickly because of the high-speed CDN and latest servers.

Premium Theme Support

This theme comes with a free support feature if you want to use the feature you can easily contact the developer and solve your issues easily and quickly for free with a one-time purchase.

Recent Popular And Pinned Posts

This Theme Comes With the Recent Popular Pinned Post Features So by this s feature you can easily increase your blog time and post views due to the content linking by this automatic feature.

Search Bar And Share Buttons

This Template Theme Comes With a Search Bar and Button From Where Your User Can Easily Find The Post That they want to read or share with others ones.

Typography And Short Codes

This Theme Comes With Short Code And Typography Format So you can easily decorate the post by using shortcodes and typography format for free and it helps to boost website traffic and the duration rate of a blog post.

Easy Navigation

This website comes with a menu navigation feature from which users get navigation or access to all the data of the website easily and fast and make blogs user-friendly.

Comments Plugin

This Theme Comes With All Types Of Comment Pugin Like Blogger (Default) Comment Box, Facebook, Disqus, And All Other Comments plugins.

Google Analytics

This Theme/Template Comes With Google Analytics Tracking Feature So By Placing Your Universal Tracking Code In Your Blog You Can Get Acess To View Your Realtimke User Interaction In Your Website Or Blog For Free.


So This Theme Comes With Video And Text Documentation and you can easily learn and set up the theme using documentation and easily know the best features of the theme by using documentation.

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Can We Remove Footer Credit Or Not?

Yes, you can remove the footer copyright and credit and all the components from the layout section of the blogger.

Can We Use It In Unlimited Website And Domains?

Yes, You can use this theme in all your blogs and websites with unlimited usage features.

Is It Safe To Use Or Not?

Yes, It is 100% safe to use and scanned before sharing with the public by our team members and checked before publishing.

How does the Median UI template improve SEO for Bloggers?

The Median UI template enhances SEO for bloggers by offering a clean and organized layout, built-in SEO features, mobile responsiveness, and structured data markup. These elements improve user experience, increase search engine rankings, and attract more organic traffic to the blog.


Median UI 1.7 is a popular blogger template that is known for its clean, modern, and minimalistic design. It is highly customizable, SEO-friendly, and responsive, making it perfect for bloggers who want to provide their readers with a seamless browsing experience. By adding extra features like the Google Translate Button and Social Plugin, you can enhance the functionality and usability of your blog, and reach a wider audience.

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